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Andrea Queen About

I am an acrylic artist, I enjoy painting everything from landscapes to nudes and anything between. I find inspiration in everything. I would consider most of my works abstract but, I do love to work in many different areas. I love working with acrylics! So bold, so beautiful! So fast to dry! I love textures as well as color so most of my works have some textures in them somewhere. Either a subtle brush of iridescent color, a dash of glitter, or a few beads. Add Comment


I have been interested in art as long as I can remember...since I was little. I don't have a day go by that I do not see the beauty in something; finding it in a tree, cloud in the sky, the crow outside, just about anything. I am inspired by everything. I guess if I had to classify myself I would say that I tend to lead more towards modern or abstract paintings however, I believe that I am ever-evolving as an artist and don't try to just limit myself to any one type. Some of my favorite artist are: Van Gogh, Kilmt, Andy Worhol, J. W. Waterhouse, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, & Bill Rabbit. I love working with acrylic as my main medium but, also love texture and I tend to add a number of additions to a piece of work. I have been known to add beads, glitter, or my favorite opalescent paint here and there. I do also love working with clay, making jewelry, and other mediums. I am posting some older works as well as some of my more recent ones to my gallery. If anything strikes your eye feel free to contact me as I have some other works that I may have for sale even if not listed. I hope that you all will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them.


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