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Philip Smallwood About

P. Smallwood__™s signature theme is Lifescapes, watercolor portraits that reveal the subject__™s story through a gesture and surroundings transformed into visual storytelling. Through the composition, line, form and finely finished surfaces, Smallwood creates compelling portraits that convey a feeling about how the subjects live their lives. Smallwood has an artist agenda. He wants to engage the viewer to stop, take note, and connect with the subject__™s emotional experience of life. As an African American artist, he wants the viewer to experience the common thread of emotions, aspirations and desires of the people he paints from the backwoods and the backstreets. They are faces many viewers typically do not bother to notice, or skim over as unimportant. Smallwood__™s Lifescapes put them center stage. He holds them up and honors them. As a primarily self-taught artist, the process by which he creates a Lifescape is intuitive and exploratory. He creates from his own vision rather from any particular artistic school. His artistic vision is unique, specific and intentional. His work is highly drafted and finely finished. 2 comments



P.O. Box 161
New Milford
New Jersey
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(201) 599-1696