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Philip Rider Art Blog

Shake Hands (written during my stay in Fallujah, Iraq)

by prider , January 27, 2010—04:04 PM

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This is actually a poem I wrote to thank the military I worked with. I put this here just to share it and some of my thoughts. The pic is just some spray paint art in progress.

Shake Hands

Little kids out running around

Its nap time now, don__™t make a sound

Out at recess playing tag

One story topped why another__™s brag

Long curly locks get pulled sometimes

Teachers reading nursery rhymes

Young kids learning how to read

Teachers planting the 3 R seed

Playing Army after school

Most try to practice the Golden Rule

Sixth grade boys just trying to be cool

Splashing the girls when they jump in the pool

Our paths can cross so many times

But just one journey from the nursery rhymes

We all are family, like it or not

Some have lost touch, but not forgot

Some left us early, without a good-bye

Wish someone could tell me a good reason why

Grown up Soldiers, Not running around

It__™s their nap time now, don__™t make a sound

By Phil Rider

Camp Fallujah, Iraq

Feb, 2006



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