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Philip Rider About

I call myself an artist since I have painted and sold some of my work and I write poetry besides writing novels. I paint with the standards of oil and acrylic but also use spray paint in my rattle can art which has been called unique. Add Comment


I__™m very proud to say that my spray paint art has been acknowledged as skillfully done, and singularly unique, within the local community, and elsewhere. If you get a chance to view my art, please e-mail me, or drop me a postcard. I will be very excited to read each one, and I promise to get back to you. And, if you happen to like my art or poetry, then I want to say ___thank you,___ in advance. I think it was Mark Twain who once wrote, ___I can live for a month on a compliment.___

Part of the process I use to create my art involves using the typical variety of artist__™s brushes, especially for good color application. Nonetheless, I also use aquatic sponge, bird feathers, and sometimes newspaper to apply a special technique when wiping, dabbing, or twisting. All these methods create their own special effect. Other methods I use include: heavy stock photographic paper for my art, an assortment of oil paints, and even Krylon rattle-can spray paint, which I like very much. In addition, I use air brushes, at times, and cotton balls, now and then.

In fact, for some of my art, I draw and create my own stencils, used for basic background shapes. This provides me with numerous methods of application, as you might imagine. I learned many of these techniques and methods during the time I spent custom painting motorcycles, during the 1970s. As a fun twist, I actually use a screwdriver to sign my art, while it's still wet. I__™ve spent countless hours testing and improving my skills, and, as all artists know, I have had my share of failures. But with time, practice, and patience __" plus a lot of devotion __" my art has improved to the point of earning numerous awards. Someone said, ___Nothing beats persistence,___ but I don__™t remember who. All I can testify about is that he or she did not miss the mark.

I__™ve been especially noted for my Spacescapes. In particular my ___Outer Space Art___ creations, and my friends and valued customers lightheartedly refer to me as the ___Comet Guy.___

Another art form that I take seriously is poetry, and I often attempt to match a specific poem to its matching art piece. It__™s a real challenge, but it often results in a dramatic combination of the two art forms. You will see for yourself, when comparing the art to the poetry. I hope that you think I succeeded at it, well enough. Please contact me if you have any further interest in my art techniques, or any questions and comments about my poetry.

Finally: If you desire it, I can do personal and custom work from photographs, and especially anything concerning space art: planets and stars, and great stuff like that.


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