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Jo Mattheis About

I am a small business owner and a habitual painter. I have 5 wonderful children that are my heart and soul. I love to paint and rarely miss a day of creating something colorful Add Comment


Educated business owner, author and artist, professional painter, I always joke about my paintings, painting theirselves, I like to say that me and my art supplies are merely just tools used by the universe for the good of color and beauty. My paintings are all hand painted by yours truly and perfected with devine ideas that were one hundred percent inspired by the rainbow of colors in nature, surrounding us daily. We so often take for granted ALL the Beautiful colors AND textures everywhere we LOOK, especially in nature. Painting helps me appreciate THE natural beauty ALL OVER THE PLACE In the world. I DO MY VERY BEST TO Capture every drop of color I POSSIBLLY CAN. I think YOU WILL AGREE My work reflects My passion for color, ART, NATURE ALONG WITH My love and thankfulness for all the AMAZINGLY COLORFUL BEAUTY AND textures that surround us daily BUT so often that go unnoticed JUST TAKEN FOR GRANTED.I DO MY BEST TO CAPture all the color and BEAUTY ONE POSSIBLY CAN AND INFUSE IT INTO my work, AS AN ARTIST WHO IS IN COMPLETE awe of THE VARITY AND VASTNESS OF THE COLORS and THE Beauty of natural world, I ALSO ALWAYS TRY TO CApture the love and appreciation of my surroundings turn them into colorful inspirations from above painted with love.


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