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peter barnett Guestbook



  Quinton Atkinson ( homepage )

02/11/2015 * 10:00:56

Hello Mr Barnett,

My Name is Quinton Atkinson, I would like to say, Your work! is soulfully soothing, your colours are a true meaning, thank you for your inspiration.

please check out my art, on same site as your art work. I haven't painted long nor done anything like this I hope someone like the or could relate to meaning and stories of my culture in Australia.


  Sylvia Pyzocha

07/16/2012 * 12:05:48

Peter, you have an amazing collection. I see what you mean, that we "see" similarly. Your "Snowlight" captures the pinks of mid winter snow late in the afternoon. There is an old oak I had photographed after a January snow to capture the same light. It was a pleasure to meet you at "Tea Pots and Tings" and thanks for the kayaking suggestion.


  Nancy Masters

10/24/2011 * 08:13:03

Peter, thank you for the heads up this morning that my work was featured on the home page.
Your work is very interesting. You are accomplished at doing blue scale, instead of gray scale. I find gray scale painting a challenge. You have a wonderful gestural feel to your paintings. I am trying to get a looser feel feel with my computerized paintings, which I have not shown yet.
Thanks again.
Nancy Masters


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

07/17/2011 * 16:40:23

Very nice, Peter. It is your latest of the ocean with stormy feeling to it.


  Joel Magpayo Snr ( homepage )

04/07/2011 * 19:14:35

Hello Peter,
I am very much impressed by your landscape paintings of Fall. I don't see these colours in Australia whose landscape are mostly blues and browns.Keep up the good works!


  eleanor m

03/21/2011 * 12:09:16

Peter, you have so many messages, you'll never get down to this one, but.....I have taken lessons from Joe Paquet and we both live in MN where it can get pretty cold. I have asked him whether he paints the whole pic outside or just does a sketch and finishes it in his studio. I am wondering the same about you. Outside or partially outside? Eleanor


  marudhachalam mani ( homepage )

09/24/2010 * 15:49:59

Painting skill at it's best!


  marudhachalam mani ( homepage )

09/24/2010 * 15:43:38

You make oil painting look simple!


  Chris Gendron

07/22/2010 * 21:22:49

Hi Peter,

I enjoyed looking at your paintings on your website. They are beautiful! Love the colors that you use and your skies are my favorite.
Thanks for sharing.

Chris Gendron


  Charles Merritt ( homepage )

02/17/2010 * 21:11:03

Great work your snowcapes capture light and shadow so well. I especially liked the ice fall painting in New York,just great work.



02/02/2010 * 18:45:15

I love this painting on the homepage. It is magnificent!!!! You get better all the time. Millie


  Harry Seymour ( homepage )

01/16/2010 * 23:20:21

Nonna would be proud. Nicely done.


  Angela Burman ( homepage )

12/31/2009 * 18:40:50

Hi Peter
I just want to say how much I have enjoyed looking through your galleries. My favourite painting is The Doughbowl Guitar. It makes me wish for a bygone era and for someone to bring it to life and play it. On a technical note your composition is really strong in all your paintings. Your work is incredible.
All the best for 2010
Angela Burman



12/28/2009 * 10:35:48

Just LOVE this snow scene on the Homepage. It has so much warmth for a snowy day. Beautiful. Millie


  Harry Seymour ( homepage )

12/24/2009 * 12:42:20

I like your work--very versatile and skillful.



12/01/2009 * 10:06:44

Peter, this painting of Snowlight" is very beautiful. It gives one a real feeling, as though you were there. I love it. Millie



10/26/2009 * 17:13:16

Winter Blanket is lovely, the colors are warm even tho the red truck is coved in snow. It seems like a place I would like to be.

Carolene Brannam



07/04/2009 * 09:07:23

Hi Peter. I love this painting on the homepage. Pine trees are my favorite things to paint. Great work!! Also, thanks for the nice comment about my "Hollyhocks"'. You are still my favorite artist . Millie


  Mark Sarty ( homepage )

05/08/2009 * 05:59:04

Well, thankyou for the great review of my first artid web studio page on my first day.
Your paintings also show that great love of nature, that my paintings seem to have, but painted in oils.
I'll look in on your artid studio again soon to see more of the good looking rock patterns and send you an other message from California.

Thanks again, Mark



03/12/2009 * 22:52:03

Hi Again and again----I just wanted to let you know that this new painting is really great. I just love it, and the clouds are so real. It is one of your best. Milliegiftsmith



03/02/2009 * 15:54:19

Hi Peter, Thank you for the nice comment on my Peacescapes. I have enjoyed doing them. I also love the clouds. Your work has been fantastic. Like the new work from your trip too.Millie


  Margaret York ( homepage )

01/24/2009 * 08:09:18

Like you work.



01/21/2009 * 23:00:02

Hi Peter--me again. Still love all your work and enjoy seeing the new ones too.Millie



10/16/2008 * 09:57:54

Hi Peter, Really love this new painting on homepage, my favorite subject. You did it proud. Millie


  kristine j sullivan

08/13/2008 * 07:13:16

Hello Peter,

I like " bumber to Bumper
"tail gating"
all the snow scenes....
are you any relation to Peter Barnett?



08/07/2008 * 21:18:58

Hi Peter, Thank you for the kind words. You made my day. Especially coming from an accomplished artist like you. You are still my favorite. Millie


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

07/20/2008 * 17:49:10

Peter, I always enjoy looking at your works of art. I love the first painting in the Berkshire Series. It is just lovely.
Also, I want to thank you for your comments to me in an e-mail message you sent me way back in February 2008. Sorry I waited so long to write you back. Every time you put out new pieces, I go and check them out and enjoy. Mary.


  Zander Lassen ( homepage )

07/07/2008 * 20:46:55

Hi Peter- I love your new rock paintings, the colors are very inspiring. Thanks- Zander


  Abraham ( homepage )

06/17/2008 * 14:20:28

I love your excellent paintings. They are very strong and impressive. Best, Abraham


  Juan Romagosa ( homepage )

04/02/2008 * 17:38:34

Very Impressive! And very prolific!!



  Kells Mooty ( homepage )

03/03/2008 * 09:15:52

Wonderful landscapes.They capture the atmosphere so well.



01/28/2008 * 09:12:46

Hi peter, I was glad to get your e-mail. Thanks for answering.I was wondering what you meant by--"Did you know that your studio is always one of the three top studios for hits a month?" Yes, the site is doing good, and I am pleased to see new artist on it. I do try to keep a new painting on the homepage.Guesss I will have to paint faster-ha ha. Keep in touch. Millie



01/24/2008 * 10:08:39

Hi again. I have been looking at your work and I really do love it. You have such a beautiful way of painting --just about anything. I like the sizes of your canvases--I especially love all your snow scenes. Its amazing that you can paint in all temperatures. I used to go out once in a while and paint, but never liked it. keep up the wonderful work and style. Millie


  Michael Mize ( homepage )

01/23/2008 * 08:36:10

I all ready commented on you blog concerning your new paintings, however, when I logged on this morning I noticed your "Walk to the Barn" door on the homepage. It's such a peaceful image. It's very reminiscent of the paintings of Wyeth. It has a calm tranquility to it, and you can imagine the soothing silence the blanket of snow provides for the ready observer. Great Painting! And again, it's amazing to me you painted this on site, outside! That's a dedication I can't help but admire.


  marilyn knudsen

11/04/2004 * 21:18:02

Peter, Wonderful!!! I now truly realize how fortunate we are to have you as a teacher. Beautiful work and great job on your website.



08/25/2004 * 20:57:27

Hi Peter,
Wow! Your work is simply gorgeous. I love the snow scenes, and the marshes especially. But they are all wonderful.
Thanks again for your kind words.
Dona Spillane



10/14/2003 * 16:48:21

I love your oil paintings. Are you painting from your surroundings. If so I am going to have to get a ticket when I am done raising my son and "husband" (joke) and come out to MA. The images are breathtaking.

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