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The Eyes have it

by PMBARNETT , April 4, 2008—09:23 AM

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Hi all,

First I should say that the image I am posting is not my work. It is the work of a new member, Pat Insall, which I absolutely love, and it happens to fit the subject here, which is my new eye.

I just had cataract surgery a week ago on my right eye, and am no going without glasses or contacts for the first time since infancy. As you may know, a side benefit of the surgery is that, in addition to the benefit of removing the clouded natural lens, the new lens inserted is 20-20, instead of the 20-200 nearsighted lens I was born with. My left eye is still 20-50, but that actually works to my benefit as well, allowing me to read without reading glasses while functioning very adequately at distance.

Is this an art event? At least potentially. Certainly my art is all about seeing, so its is quite likely to change. Without the intervention of glass, the world has a crispness and brilliance which is quite new; who knows what affect it may have on my work?

To an audience of artists I should also mention the experience of the surgery itself, a painless 20 minute affair. I was awake for the whole thing, though with anesthetic and a muscle block around the right eye. The left eye was covered, and the right eye fully dilated, so what I actually saw was a shifting blur of soft colors which was very interesting and aesthetically pleasing; Kandinsky with softer edges.

I will be watching my work to see what happens to it with my new eyes.




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