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Costa Rica!

by PMBARNETT , March 26, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Costa Rica, Travel, What's Happening

Hello all. I'm back from a week in Costa Rica, a lovely week, with lots of nature tours in the rain forest and mangrove swamps, and lots of painting as well. I learned some things, such as that the fellow you see above is not an Iguana at all, but a Spiny-tailed lizard. They're everywhere, and are omnivorous; the Iguanas a larger, green, and vegetarian.

I was in the central valley near San Jose, and on the shore between Quepos and Manuel Antonio park. The terrain is like an egg carton turned upside down, with deep clefts shagged in lush vegetation. Unfortunately I was not able to take my box into the forest, so I will have to work from photos for the wilder parts.

I did all my painting on the shore over four days, basically concentrating on Quepos Bay and Manuel Antonio beach. Quepos Bay was the view from our villa, and it looked west on some fabulous sunsets.

Manuel Antonio has a beach lined with vendors sporting a riot of color, and a nature preserve with more ocean front. It has rock outcrops jutting out of the water, reminiscent of Portugal, but with very different coloring. My goal was to find a nice shady spot to set up the box!

Since I'm limited to one image here in my personal blog, I'll put out another featured blog to get the additional images out there.




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