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The Incredible Expanding Commission

by PMBARNETT , June 5, 2010—07:14 AM

Topics: Happening, What's, commission, house portraits

At the annual spring Open Studio event at the mill, I had a visit from a couple who was looking for a pair of house portraits to give to their two sons. They were to be of an old farmhouse in Maine where they had vacationed for years, but which was no longer in the family. We were undecided between a front and rear view, so I said I would do one of each for them to choose between.

It turned out that both soms wanted the front view, but the parents decided to keep the rear view for themselves. Yhen they decided that her brother should get one too, another front view, for a total of four.

The brother then decided his three children should each have one, though he could not afford the size he was being given. So I ended up doing three4 small ones at 8" × 16", unframed, as part of the 7-painting deal. Even at a discount for volume, it was a nice chunk of change.




  Donna Eaton

04/13/2011 * 09:23:27

hello Peter, These are beautiful.
I happened on your site as someone put an ad on the Monson Art Council web page about an open studio day in May.

I do watercolors however I appreciate your designs and good color combo.
all the best to you.

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