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peter barnett Art Blog

My Old Millscapes

by PMBARNETT , April 22, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Favorite Series, What's Happening, alley, dumpster, mill, studio

I decided to put up a gallery of my old mill paintings, which I did in the first years after setting up my studio at the Indain Orchard Mills. I was inspired by Hilary Winfield's "Rustic Industrial Abstract" (very different!) and of course by Loretta Petraitis' wonderful cityscapes.

I love the old buildings and the character they take on with additions, subtractions and general aging. In some ways this is not so different from the appeal of trees when they age. The richness and variety of the brick sets off the accidental collection of other detritus, creating wonderful compositions. Interestingly, I have sold or placed a higher percentage of these millscapes than of any other category of my work. Maybe I need to get back to them.



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