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peter barnett Art Blog

Tree Portraits

by PMBARNETT , April 10, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Favorite Series, What's Happening, portraits, trees

Hi all,

I guess the muse is back in business. I'm suddenly into tree protraits again, probably because I talked about them in my last featured blog on portraiture. Also, I'm out on the bike again, and my route takes me past a row of magnificent old maples, totally gnarly and ideosyncratic. I've decided to name the trees as well as paint them; the one shown here is called "Victor"...I hope you can figure out why!




  marcia wiltsie

04/28/2009 * 07:12:00

Hi..I just found this website off of facebook.I Love your work! I am new to painting ,using oils. What actually made me write is that I also name the trees! "Morris" mulberry lives in my back yard and his life partner "Magpie" is close by.I especially like your "Derelicts" and "Rocks" They are all very inspiring.I will start posting my paintings here also. Hope you check them out!

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