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A Magic Painting Week in Mexico

by PMBARNETT , February 2, 2009—07:34 AM

Topics: Mexico, Rocks, What's Happening, workshop

Hello all,

I'm just back from a fantastic week in Mexico, at Boca de Tomatlan, doing a workshop with Bob Masla at Casa del los Artistas. Fabulous! It was a plein-aire week, visiting many marvellous spots, painting side-by-side with Bob. I did 15 paintings in six days, in a frenzy of inspiration. Also, lots of unbelievable rocks! I highly recommend the experience to any artist who wants to be immersed in beauty while they work.

The Boca is all you would need for inspiration, even without travelling to other spots. It is a wonderful little fishing village spread out below your balcony, just where a small river meets the sea. The river is teeming with birdlife: pelicans, cormorants, egrets, heron and frigate birds. The beach is a stone's throw away.

Bob and Monica are wonderful hosts, with a wonderful family who happened to all be in residence. There was more to do than we could possibly fit in, including snorkelling, hiking, horseback riding to ancient hieroglyphs, and shopping in nearby Puerta Vallarta. My wife, who is not an artist, was fully occupied, often going with us on our painting excursions. And of course shegot her shopping fix, with wonderful local ceramics as the highlight.

I'll be getting my paintings from Boca out there in a bit.




  Kelly ( homepage )

02/02/2009 * 16:27:48

Peter -- welcome back to stateside! It must have been a marvelous experience, considering the weather most of the U.S. was having in the past weeks. Looking forward to your new works online -- travel does such wonders for a tired artistic eye, doesn't it?


  Zander Lassen ( homepage )

02/02/2009 * 14:06:08

Hi Peter- I am glad that you had an inspiring and productive week, the photo looks beautiful- Zander

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