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A Visit to the Canadian Rockies

by PMBARNETT , November 3, 2007—12:00 AM

Topics: Canada, Favorite Series, Travel

One of the great inspirations for a landscape painter is to travel to a new place, where everything you see is fresh an new. I have taken several such trips in the last 10 years, including one to the Canadian Rockies in the Summer of 2004. I have just put up a gallery with works done from that trip.

We began with a few days on Vancouver Island, ending in the lovely fishing village of Tofino on the west coast. We then ferried back to the mainland and headed east into the mountains to Banff. From Banff we drove north along the glacier highway to Jasper, and came back to Seattle on the third side of the triangle.

It is a land of rugged mountains, topped with glaciers, feeding glacial lakes below with a color so beautiful and unreal that it has to be seen to be believed. A favorite moment for me was early morning, when sunlight reached to mountaintops while the valleys were still in shadow. Another thrill was the deeply carved canyons, such as Johnston Canyon shown here, with a succession of waterfalls marking the descent.

It was also the site of a wonderful encounter with strangers who purchased three of my plein-air sketches out of the back of my car, and then commissioned a large painting of the waterfall where we had met. Always a nice bit of reinforcement.




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