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peter barnett Art Blog


by PMBARNETT , October 19, 2007—12:00 AM

Topics: Favorite Series, Maine, Rocks

I'm a rock freak. My paintings of rocks are part of a much larger love affair which leaves clues throughout my house and grounds. It is not primarily a geological interest; it is a natural affinity with their personality and soul.

Rocks in the woods call out to me. When i was building our current home in Monson, I found a half buried boulder on the land, the visible part square and level, 4' x 5'. When I dug aound the perimeter, the bottom seemed also to be flat, and the rock about 18" thick. This rock was crying out to be my front stoop; in fact, amazingly, it was oriented in exactly the way it would need to be when in place.

When it was unearthed by steam shovel, it turned out to be about 3' thick at the center, a real problem since we already had in place a concrete foundation pillar to hold it. My excavator saved the day by standing it on edge with his shovel in a hollow made for the purpose, and then gently dropping the edge of the shovel on the top edge, neatly splitting it in two. It is currenly the TWO top steps to my front door.

Along with fog, rocks are one of the main attractions of my trips to Maine each Summer. The granite masses and ocean-placed boulders are grand and articulate, endlessly fascinating.




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