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Shades of Brown and Silver

by PMBARNETT , October 15, 2007—12:00 AM

Topics: Favorite Series, Still Life, What's Happening


After posting the piece about my most recent series, Clouds over Saranac, I decided I should go back and introduce some of my other series as well. This post goes back to my last one-man show, in February of this year at the Dane Gallery, entitled "Shades of Brown and Silver".

This show combined my two winter projects. One was a continuation of a series I have worked on for a few years: the colors a dried leaves and grasses of a winter without snow. "Cellar Hole" and "Marsh in Fog" are in this series.

However, the new direction was to try still lives, which I had not done for years, except as part of my teaching. I did a series of works which, a realized after the fact, shared the same palette of colors as the landscapes I was doing. These have always been my preferred colors: rich, earthy and subtle.

Check out the "Still Life" gallery for more examples.




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