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Clouds over Saranac

by PMBARNETT , October 10, 2007—12:00 AM

Topics: Favorite Series, What's Happening


This has been an exciting summer for me. I have begun to paint large (at least for me) after years of painting small and plein-aire.

It all started with the unexpected sale of three old works to two different buyers, works dating back to me previous essay into the corporate market. With that as inspiration, I moved into the studio and began a series I am calling "Clouds over Saranac, based on a fantastic three day cloud show on Upper Saranac Lake in June. Almost immediately, I sold one of those!

I will be having a show early next year with the same title, though it will also include cloud pictures from other venues. It will be at the Middle River Art Gallery in Stafford Springs, CT, date yet not finalized.

I am controlling this size better than I ever have, so it all feels like a new step forward for me. I will be putting up a studio of the Saranac work on ArtID soon.





  Joann Cervantes

10/07/2008 * 10:01:52

loved it all,

very nice to know you,
mostly liked the cloud shows,
my work is at
I too work fast and carry sketch book,


  Elizabeth A. Davison ( homepage )

10/11/2007 * 14:44:09

I am the lucky owner of 'Late Light over Green Island'; one of the first pieces in Peter's 'Clouds over Saranac' collection! Peter's 'large' work is exciting. Your lovely piece hangs in my office and it inspires me each morning as I sit at my desk. Keep up this beautiful work!

Warm Regards,

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