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An ArtID Reward

by PMBARNETT , July 22, 2014—12:00 AM

Topics: What's Happening, portraits, venice

This portrait of the Caleca family, in Venice for their wedding anniversary, was a gift from the wife's sister. She reached me through the website, perhaps because I have been posting portraits in the "recent uploads" over the last few months. This has been a period of returning to portraiture in a big way, and I think it paid off! In honor of the scene, I used a little extra Venetian Red… Continue reading… 0 comments

An Official Portrait

by PMBARNETT , August 20, 2013—04:36 PM

Topics: What's Happening, portraits

I just completed my first "Official Portrait" commission in many years. It is a portrait of Michael Albano, formerly mayor of Springfield, currently a member of the Governor's Council. It sounds like there will be an official unveiling in November, with Governor Deval Patrick in attendance… Continue reading… 0 comments

Hi everyone...long time no post. I'm having a show in September, entitled Rocks to Clouds, and am attaching the postcard front. below is the artist's statement which will accompany the show: FROM CLOUDS TO ROCKS Spectrum of Impermanence Everything changes, and in changes there is drama. Change is movement, transformation, decay and renewal. All around us is the playing out of constant change, and the record of past changes. This pageant of impermanence is both poignant and tremendously exciting. In our material world, rocks and clouds lie at opposite ends of the spectrum of impermanence. Rocks are seemingly immutable, impervious to the passing of time, yet in fact they are eloquent with the story of their creation and destruction… Continue reading… 0 comments

Naked Winter

by PMBARNETT , February 3, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: What's Happening, bare woods, dried grasses

What a winter! After one devastating snowstorm over Halloween weekend, there has been virtually no snow. It has awakened an interest in dried grasses and bare woods which I explored in a series a few years ago called "December without snow". I have three of the new ones up in a new gallery called "Naked Winter" now,with more to come. When the light is muted, there is a tremendous richness of subtle color in the naked meadows and woods, a throbbing warmth made of many related colors. I love it… Continue reading… 0 comments

My latest series of works, all done from photos taken on a trip to Sea Girt New Jersay on New Years Day, is a striking contrast with my previous series on rockface details. In place of the strong forms and near permanence of the rock we have the moment by moment transience of the sea, sand and sky. The works are much more subtle and subdued in their effects; all is ambience, all is vapor. And yet, these are just two extremes in the ultimate transience of all material things: the rocks show the marks of time as clearly as do the sea and sand… Continue reading… 0 comments

I have been in love with rocks for a long time; boulders and rockfaces have figures prominently in my work. Now i have started a series of rockface closeup, where I can really focus on the patterns of color and form. The patterns of color are amprophous and soft-edged, while the forms are hard-edged and crisp. The combination makes for a wonderful richness, and often a spur to the imagination. I have chosen "Carved in Stone" as a potential title for a exhibition of thsi group of works, if it ever happens. The work I am showing here I call "Cracking Up"… Continue reading… 0 comments

Chase and I have just returned from our annual family reunion at Colgate Camp on lake Saranc (see "Clouds over Saranac" gallery). This time we stayed on two nights at the Snow Goose B&B in Keene Valley, did some hikes and enjoyed the company of our hosts, Wayne and Amy Stoner. I particularly enjoyed painting the portraits of their two daughters, Sody and Cory, who have wonderful faces and are engagingly different. This is Cory, the younger… Continue reading… 0 comments

At the annual spring Open Studio event at the mill, I had a visit from a couple who was looking for a pair of house portraits to give to their two sons. They were to be of an old farmhouse in Maine where they had vacationed for years, but which was no longer in the family. We were undecided between a front and rear view, so I said I would do one of each for them to choose between. It turned out that both soms wanted the front view, but the parents decided to keep the rear view for themselves. Yhen they decided that her brother should get one too, another front view, for a total of four. The brother then decided his three children should each have one, though he could not afford the size he was being given… Continue reading… 1 comment

Better Sunsets!

by PMBARNETT , May 21, 2010—07:00 AM

Topics: Sunset, Virgin Islands, st.John

Since my return from St. John last month I have bee working on larger paintings done from my photographs, in particular a series called "Sunset over Peace Hill", taken from the patio of our villa. Since I did a series of sunsets after my Costa Rica trip two years ago, they make a nice benchmark of progress. I'm delighted with the greater richness and subtlety I'm getting… Continue reading… 0 comments

A Special Double Portrait

by PMBARNETT , April 27, 2010—07:19 AM

Topics: What's Happening, portraits

I just completed a portrait of Carrie, a wonderful girl who has sat for literally a dozen portraits for me over the years, with her unborn child displayed at seven+ months. She is one of those precious commodities, a lovely and interesting face with a smile that is always tugging at the corners of her mouth...and who sits (or stands!)quietly and naturally, without complaint. For whatever reason she has always loved to sit, loved to make herself up in different ways, and always brightened my day when she comes… Continue reading… 0 comments

A week on St. John

by PMBARNETT , April 19, 2010—05:05 PM

Topics: Clouds, Virgin Islands, What's Happening, st.John

I just returned from a week in the Virgin Islands, staying at a villa on the north side of St. John, overlooking Cinnamon Bay. The views from the villa were fantastic, and I did half my work without leaving the house. It was a typical vacation painting splurge, 2-3 works a day for five days. The clouds were fabulous: dramatic and everchanging, and the colors of the ocean were magical. Two works were sold before I left. The others will be appearing in my latest gallery, "Virgin Islands". I will also be turning out some additional and larger works from the many photographs I took… Continue reading… 0 comments

Boca Remembrances

by PMBARNETT , April 6, 2010—07:27 AM

Topics: Art Show, Mexico, What's Happening, workshop

The next show in the Dane Gallery at Indian Orchard Mills in Springfield, MA is one that I have been organizing. It is called "Boca Remembrances", and is the work of nine artists including myself who have attended or given workshops at Casa de los Artists in Boca de Tomatlan, Mexico. It features the work of Bob Masla, who owns the Casa and gives workshops there every winter, one of which I attended a year ago. It also features the work of Heidi Coutu who conducted a workshop there in 2006, which was attended by a number of artists from our community at the mill. The other artists featured are all artists from the mill who have gone to Boca in the last four years… Continue reading… 0 comments

A tough spatial read

by PMBARNETT , February 19, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Rocks, snow, space, surface

This is my second try at this subject, titled "Bingham Falls in Winter's Grip"; the first is "Ice at Bingham Falls". I loved that one for its strong surface pattern, but think that the pattern overpowers the sense of space. In this second try, I think I have a better balance between space and surface, maybe as good asit can get with this scene. The high contrast surface shapes make reading the space a major challenge… Continue reading… 0 comments

Trapp Family Lodge series

by PMBARNETT , February 11, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Stowe, Trapp Family Lodge, What's Happening, snow

Hi all, The painting shown here, and the one I just uploaded, are part of a series done over the last three weeks featuring views at Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT. My gallery there is working on a special relationship with the lodge, involving the display of work in the rooms, combined with special discounts for their own purchases. Elizabeth asked me to work up some new examples, to combine with others from years ago, and I have done 6-8… Continue reading… 0 comments

On a Roll

by PMBARNETT , December 7, 2009—07:45 AM

Topics: Facebook, Happening, What's, sales

This has been a fantastic six weeks for my art business, with seven sales, each to a different buyer. "Snowlight", which I completed a week ago, I sold this weekend. It is the second of two "Facebook sales", works sold to friends on facebook. It is a limited market, of course, but right now its proving to be well worthposting my new works out there. I also sold two works from my current show at Western New England College, not really a sales venue, one from a longstanding gallery connection in Stowe, VT, and two commissions. All after a virtual standstill for the first three quarters… Continue reading… 2 comments

I O M Alley

by PMBARNETT , September 4, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Favorite Series, Indian Orchard, What's Happening, mill, studio

This is a view of the alley leading to the gallery and studios at Indian Orchard Mills, home of the artists' community to which I belong. It is a revival of a series which I did about 8-10 years ago, which in fact has been my most successful series in terms of sales… Continue reading… 0 comments

Connecticut Valley Paintings

by PMBARNETT , July 31, 2009—07:15 AM

Topics: Clouds, Connecticut, Mt Holyoke, Oxbow

Just a word about my latest gallery. These are apintings done in the Northampton area some years back when I was living there, including views of the Northampton Meadows, the Connecticut River and the Holyoke Range, including views of the valley from on top of Mt. Holyoke, in a very long tradition. This is a nice group that I have never displayed together. Other views of the Oxbow in winter to come… Continue reading… 0 comments

Seal Cove Splurge

by PMBARNETT , July 27, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Seal Cove, What's Happening

You may have noticed the full house of galleries devoted to Seal Cove which appeared this month. Seal Cove is the fabulous spot on Mt Desert Island where my wife's family has a property, and where I go to paint every summer. They are all on display because I am offering a deal: a painting of Seal Cove, accompanied by a free frame made of weathered board from the cove itself. Note: the prices shown include the price of a frame, so the deal would end up $100-$300 less than that, depending on the size… Continue reading… 0 comments

I'm Rocking!

by PMBARNETT , July 13, 2009—02:16 PM

Topics: Maine, Rocks, What's Happening

I am back to rocks in a big way, this time with closeup of walls of living rock. I think this one, and another which I will upload soon, are among my best. They will be featured in my November show at Western New England Collewge, called "Nature's Drama", which will include also many tree portraits, and some of my Cloud series… Continue reading… 0 comments

Slate Cascade

by PMBARNETT , June 29, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Rocks, What's Happening

I recently posted a piece on structure in nature and art under my featured blog. I have since done this piece, which is a direct followup. I particularly like it because it matches my house? When we built in 2000, we chose a Cape Code grey vertical board home with brown trim, and to tie it together, a varicolored roof tile called "Mountain Slate", just like this… Continue reading… 0 comments