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Patricia Jenks About

Making art is an integral part of who I am and is by far the most fulfilling activity that I do as a human being. My studio space, "Mad Dog Art Studio" is located at the Indian Orchard Mills in Indian Orchard, MA. I welcome anyone interested in my work to contact me. 14 comments


I have been creating art for over 30 years and have always found my inspiration in the spiritual, mystical, metaphysical and psychological aspects of life. Lately, I have also been exploring how art and physics intersect, especially within the theory that all matter is composed of energy. Abstraction is my format of choice, whether it be to create works on paper, paintings, or 3-D mixed media works. I use a variety of mediums including mixed drawing materials, watercolor & enamel paints, poured acrylic paint, oil sticks, oil pastels, wood & fiber and, currently, encaustic (hot beeswax & pigments).

My education includes a BFA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MFA from Clemson University's College of Art & Architecture. My artwork is in private and public collections on both the East and West coast. I have taught art courses at the college level for over 30 years and have experience working within a college art museum environment as well. Currently, I am the Gallery Curator at Western New England University and teach several art courses there as well.

I welcome comments and encourage people to contact me about my work.


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