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Kurt Piper Guestbook



  Gloria Pitre ( homepage )

07/25/2009 * 11:10:30

I just wanted to say hello, and let you know I viewed you site. I am so in love with your coffee tables! Especially the one that looks like it's cut from a cypress tree....we have lots of cypress in South Louisiana where I live. my kitchen has a home-made cypress island, which catch's lots of attention. I love wood, crazy as it may sound...I love the feel of it, the smell of it, and the texture, and esp. the one of a kind wood grains and knots trees create. Keep up the beautiful work, the world needs your beautiful one of a kind work. Incrediable! ...your new art friend, Gloria from Louisiana.


  Shannon Bokman

01/04/2008 * 00:54:31

I dated a carpenter who fancied himself an artist, and after looking at the work you produce, I now understand the difference. You define a true artist; you make wood perform in a way that sings out...literally! Your music stands are remarkable, your desks inspired, and your mirror is genius. Continue, sir, as you are a rare gem, and definitely not "just a carpenter".


  Diane Rodriguez

10/18/2006 * 19:38:00

Absolutely stunning and Unique!
I love this desk, I work at it,
in Taos. A piece of Art and true
You have a superb way and vision
of incorporating the natural materials
with functionality.

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