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Marsha M. Pippenger Art Blog

Houses, Homes, Teens and Safey

by pipart , August 5, 2010—10:31 PM

Topics: Ideas, Thoughts, collage, color, handmade paper, historical, home, house, miniatures, mixed media, paper art, puns, safety, teens

In the Small Work Gallery I am posting some new collages based on the subject of House and Home. I recently completed four small collages as part of a fund-raising raffle for a local teen shelter. The topic for the fund-raiser was "what speaks of home and safety to you". I enjoyed creating these collages so much I decided to keep on. Hence, a new series of house collages, some whimsical, some dark, some "punny", and so on and on....enjoy, and there will be more to come!



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