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Marsha M. Pippenger Art Blog

I get my best ideas in the shower....

by pipart , May 19, 2010—11:30 PM

Topics: Ideas, Thoughts, brainstorms, collage, color, famous females, feminism, feminist, handmade paper, historical, historical females, icon, literary figures, medieval, metaphorical art, mixed media, paper art, shower thoughts, showers

It's true. I get my best ideas in the shower. I really should count it as working time. There is something about the solitude and the sound of the water that allows me to plan and reflect as well as brainstorm with myself. When I am working out plans for a new piece of art or planning an artist's residency or workshop it is best if I have time to let things roll around in my head for awhile. There in my brain the colors of thought swirl until they join, and it seems that often happens in my cozy shower! So next time you look at one of my pieces you might ask: "Was this a shower idea?"




  Kirill ( homepage )

05/22/2010 * 12:06:06

Shower ideas are almost the best for me, too. I'm not sure why I get the AH-HA moments there, but I agree it has something to do with the sound of the water and just the peacefulness I experience. I also end up coming up with great ideas while in my sleep. I always keep pen and paper next to my bed so I can write down my thoughts when I wake up.

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