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Marsha M. Pippenger Art Blog

Judy Chicago Icon

by pipart , March 16, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: The Dinner Party, The city of ladies, central core imagery, collage, famous females, feminist, handmade paper, historical, historical females, icon, illuminated manuscripts, literary figures, metaphorical art, mixed media, mythology, paper art

Collage on canvas, handmade and other papers,clear acrylic finish needs no glass.

This piece honors American artist Judy Chicago who has created work calling attention to the accomplishments of women. She is well known for her 1979 installation piece, The Dinner Party in which 39 illustrious women of history are invited to the table.

This collage alludes to Chicago's work with its central core imagery and butterfly in the figure's hand (a symbol of transcendence).



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