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Debra Sather Art Blog

Just starting out

by pinkharley1224 , June 19, 2010—11:15 PM

Topics: Landscape, Photo, abstract, animal, art, botanical, digital, fear, floral, inspirational, photography, quality

Well, I am just starting out with attempting to sell some of my work. The collection and quality are always improving, however, I have to say that the fear that not one person in the world with really like my work. I have sold some and received feedback but that does not lower the fear. Are the rest of you all feeling the same? Did you when you first started? I love doing this and enjoy the time I have to spend on my work. Feedback is appreciated.




  Debra Sather ( homepage )

06/24/2010 * 11:51:23

I would like to thank all of you for your experience in this area. Please continue to share any wisdom. I am stepping up my efforts and keeping chin up.... :-)


  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

06/22/2010 * 10:32:04

No matter where you are in your artistic life, whether you think you are ready or not, get out there. People may or may not like your work but welcome their feedback. Someone's observations may be very valid and worth considering. It may make your work better and you more confident.
Take full advantage of social media to get your work seen. Write a blog, get on Facebook and post your art and blog entries there. Get on LinkedIn and join a couple of groups that seem like they would be of value to you. There is a lot of great discussion going on there that is intelligent.
You already have a website which is essential so now you have to tell everyone you know that it's there. Be sure to include your web address in your email signature. It's surprising how many people will click on it.
Choose local art shows to participate in very carefully, ask other artists which ones are good and only do the ones you can afford. Exhibiting in Art Fairs is very valuable experience and give you the opportunity to talk directly to possible buyers.
Email me directly at with questions.


  Debra Sather ( homepage )

06/22/2010 * 09:47:55

I really appreciate all of you who are sharing your experience. This has gotten me even more motivated to move along and meet some goals that I have set.

Any advise on getting more of my work out there with a very limited amount of funds??? :-)


  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

06/20/2010 * 18:33:57

The most annoying thing I find is having another artist say what they like or what they don't like about a certain piece. With me, anyway, the bottom line is always and will always be... my way or the highway. I paint for myself. If something sells then fine but it isn't going to break my heart if it doesn't. Even if I do a commission and all of that finance crap is worked out in the beginning... it is still my painting and my rules regardless of whatever input they might have.


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

06/20/2010 * 09:54:18

I think we have all been there. Artists create (almost) as a necessity. It is a way of getting out all those feelings that fill our hearts and minds. We are lucky people to be able to express ourselves, and if other people can relate to our creations, we are even luckier. It is not easy to expose ourselves that way. It is scary. Will our work be appreciated? We can never be sure. The main thing is to keep on going, and improve on what we do. Never settle for "good enough", always strive for "the Best". The feelings will come through, and will touch some hearts, have no fear!
Best of success to you,


  Millie Smith ( homepage )

06/19/2010 * 23:35:23

Yes, I have been there many a years ago. I just think that as you paint and keep painting and get more confidence in yourself, you will begin to lose that fear. I think all artists go through it. Keep trusting in yourself,and the more you paint the better you will feel. Its always a learning experince, even with the best of artists. Best of luck to you. Millie

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