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About Digital Photos by Rhia TM... What brings a portrait or a photograph together? The pose, props, background, lighting, and finally, the camera all have to be creative to get the optimal effect in every photo. That is even before editing the digital image. As a quality and professional photographer, I know this. You as the client have control over what you will wear as an outfit in the photo and in some cases, may choose a location yourself. Within that aspect, you have little control over lighting. It is my promise to offer all that is needed in all photography sessions or coverage of events. And you can choose to wear whatever you want. If the lighting is not optimal for your location, do not worry. Let me take care of the rest and I will let you know if anything has to be changed. Digital Photos by Rhia TM offers quality, affordable digital photography services for a variety of events. On location coverage is provided throughout MD, DC, & VA. Add Comment


My name is Rhia. I am a professional photographer. While I have photographed with 35mm film, I primarily work with digital photography. I have a degree in

Business Administration and have studied art and photography. I have been a photographer since 2004 and have photographed several bands and musicians as Director of Photography. As an amateur photographer I took stunning photos of landscapes and photographed events as gifts for my closest friends. As a professional photographer, I photograph:

* weddings (traditional & ethnic) and wedding related events

* events (family, corporate, fashion, etc.)

* portraits

* musicians (career oriented, concert live performances)

* nature photography

* macro

* abstract and artistic photography (as wall art)

* night photography

* snapshots

* street photography also known as documentary photography

* travel photography

* commercial photography

* advertising photography

* architecture photography


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