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Raederle Phoenix About

Freelance artist. I do cover illustration, business card design, album covers, photo manipulation & correction, web design, logo creation, custom stock photography, board game illustration, custom tattoo design or other custom artwork requirements. Add Comment


Not to boast, but I'm a multi-talented freelance entrepreneur with a lot of different abilities. I'm writing a fantasy series and illustrating them. (I'm trusting that publishers will recognize that my illustrations are part of my unique package. Think a little of Brom, Tolkien, Carol Berg, and Steven Brust all in one author/artist.)

I am also passionate about staying fit and healthy. I spent my childhood continually tired and often confined to my sickbed. I was fed up with my lack of stamina and strength at the age of 17 and between then and now I've turned myself around (via a lot of researching and hard work) and am now healthier than average instead of being at the bottom of the pack. As such, I'm available for nutritional consulting.


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Walnut Creek
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716 536 9226