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Loretta Petraitis Guestbook



  Jurate Navickas

02/17/2016 * 09:18:26


your paintings are absolutely incredible. You are capable to put a magic in the puddle of an alley!


  Mary Travis

09/10/2013 * 19:07:06

Loretta, I really like the Light is Failing. The next time you're in Atlanta I'd like to show you the abandoned Pullman Yard in Kirkwood, a neighborhood ~3 mi east of downtown.
I'd like to own something to the Light :)



04/25/2011 * 13:52:20

Labai grazus darbai!! Linkiu sekmes kuriant.


  Carol Olsen

11/21/2010 * 14:34:23

I think your paintings are interesting. If I had the time and space I would love to create some pieces of my own.


  Michele Grindberg ( homepage )

10/21/2010 * 00:26:30

I went to the Houston Bayou Artfest and fell in love with your painting of the alley.( but it was already sold ) Absolutely beautiful !


  marudhachalam mani ( homepage )

09/24/2010 * 15:51:00

U r 1 of the best!


  Cynthia Holzheimer

04/19/2010 * 21:37:29

I am so glad I found you at the Dogwood Festival in Atlanta. I am very much enjoying "The El" on my stair landing. Your website is amazing; I have always enjoyed industrial archeology. Having grown up with the heavy industry of Pittsburgh and Cleveland, your work really resonates with me. Best wishes and I will look for you at future shows.


  James Rousonelos ( homepage )

04/18/2010 * 12:53:56

Your oil painting look like watercolors to me.....interesting. JSR


  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

04/14/2010 * 07:32:07

Many pieces on here remind me of those accomplished by THE EIGHT. Simply astounding and quite realistic... which is the whole point I gather.


  Shauna ( homepage )

04/09/2010 * 14:36:43

Your work is truly breathtaking and I'm thrilled with the pieces I purchased from you at the Fort Worth Main Street Art Festival. You are truly gifted!!


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

09/30/2009 * 23:16:30

Loretta, your work is wonderful! I am an artist, too, but in a very different way from your work. I have enjoyed looking at many of your paintings. They are so different, and that to me is what makes your work so interesting.


  Peter Barnett

07/29/2009 * 12:43:17

Hi Loretta,

I LOVE "Right Turn", your latest. It has a fantastic balance of abstract and "nitty gritty", living in unusual harmony. You do great work.


  linda heller

07/06/2009 * 00:55:03

The storm prevented us from returning to
Cherry Creek and specifically your booth! Let us know if you will be anywhere else in the area. We would love to know when you are finishing a new series, as we want your work in our home!!




06/09/2009 * 18:22:40

Saw you in Chicago this past weekend. I was blown away by your work. Keep it up! I cannot wait to see more.



05/30/2009 * 20:08:05

HI, I was looking at your work and I loved "Gold Floyd". It is so unusual--no wonder it sold. All your work fascinates me. Millie



03/23/2009 * 13:08:26

I thought yours were the best painting I saw at the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival this past weekend. Your cityscapes are beautifully understated and your technique is captivating.



03/20/2009 * 09:54:40

Hi Again, I wanted to let you know how much I reallly love your work and style. As I was looking at some of your paintings I think "Listen to Music" is one of my favorites. Great job. Millie


  Marie Kazalia

11/27/2008 * 17:57:18

Upon viewing your portfolio on a search for the one painting/collage I liked best, I continued oohing and ahhing--the color, forms, composition--so much life in them, each eclipsing the next--fabulous all.


  Adina Dolcan ( homepage )

10/29/2008 * 17:15:35

I can truly say that I'm in love with your art. You really inspire me and I adore the technique and the compositions. Great work, congratulations! :-)


  Gary Peterson ( homepage )

07/18/2008 * 19:23:58

Once, while visiting Manhattan, I stopped to listen to a string quartet in the subway stop near the Juliard School of Music. It was a surprising and delightful juxtaposition of art and grit as is your work "Quartet."



07/15/2008 * 13:13:21

Hi Loretta,
Your work is so fasinating and elegant. I love all your paintings and the one on the artid homepage. Look me up, Millie


  Marcia Silva ( homepage )

05/12/2008 * 11:41:41

Your work is fantastic!!! There is nothing like this!!! I am in love with it!!


  Greg & Sharon Scoggins

04/19/2008 * 20:43:43

Dear Ms. Petraitis,
We saw your "Piano Renaissance" piece framed in gold at the Fort Worth Arts Festival on Main Street. What a soulful piece that draws one into the world of classical music. It should be hanging in a museum, a famous music hall, or our home!

Greg & Sharon Scoggins
201 W. Lancaster - No. 108
Fort Worth, TX 76102


  Christina Lovisa ( homepage )

04/13/2008 * 17:50:56

Striking! Your colours "match" the mood of your subjects (buildings and people) so well that the painting really speaks out loud!


  Harry N Seymour ( homepage )

04/05/2008 * 23:01:33

I really like your work. It has that special edge that makes one want to look, and look again. Very nice work.


  Michael Mize ( homepage )

04/03/2008 * 12:41:24

Your paintings are very intriguing. There is such a strong sense of unity to your images because of the way the collage elements relate to both the subject and style of the paintings. Your brushstrokes echo both the buildings and structures themselves as well as the pace and energy of large urban settings. This is really engaging work!


  Diane Piquette

08/26/2007 * 22:40:27

Recently saw you at the Port Clinton Arts Festival and lusted for the Orchestra Hall painting. Just trying to figure out where to put the painting in my home! It's bigger than what I may be able to hang! (Believe it or not, I have a tiny home). I can always reconsider and call you to see if you still have...and pick up! Your work is wonderful!


  Aaron A. Bucco

06/07/2007 * 23:28:59

I just purchased your mixed-media piece "My American Flag" and am still amazed. Your work is breath-taking.


  nevzat bejtuli kica

10/21/2005 * 16:51:37

your have brilijant work! your my favorite.
n.b.kica painter from macedonia


  Jeff Lucas

02/15/2005 * 06:17:14

Hope all is well. I have been contactd by the Noyes Museum about a show of "art on loan" program from private collections. I have submitted your 7 paintings to them and hope to have a positive response. Show is from april to august. They may be contacting you directly. Will let you know.

Best wishes, Jeff

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