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Loretta Petraitis Art Blog

71 st Street

by petraitis , September 10, 2008—12:00 AM

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This painting has silkscreened photo image ,combined with oil painting on canvas.The picture ,I have used of the street ,is been taken in Chicago,while driving under the bridge.I Remember that day.It brought me to the good ,passionate and brave feeling about the future. If somebody will sell it on the internet or elsewhere ,please ,let me know. Painting was stolen at the art festival in Chicago. Many thanks, Loretta




  roberta thomas

10/23/2010 * 21:31:04

Hi so happy to find you. we met at a show in palm beach fl. i do intaglio etchings with mix media. you gave me some good advice about doing some art exhibits in new york. thanks for sending the pictures your husband took for me. hope to see you soon send an email you get a chance. roberta


  Aaron A. Bucco

09/26/2009 * 22:06:57

Hello Loretta,

I'm the proud owner of "My American Flag" and often check your artid page to see your new work. I read the above post and recognized the painting. I found it for sale in a 2008 online auction at the following site:

I hope this information is helpful.

Aaron (Columbus, Ohio)

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