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pepper tharp Art Blog


by peppert , December 9, 2007—02:35 PM

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Hi all~ I just posted my galleries on Artid. I am curious about any responses to my work (galleries, price points and subject/style). ....So that leaves it pretty much wide open....If anyone wants to chime in.

Also I'd love t o know as to how well they think the Artid site and sales work for them, and.... how the Ebay connect goes as well! thx much pepper t




  Julie Akeman ( homepage )

07/18/2008 * 13:20:36

Hi I'm Julie and I'm kind of new to artid too. I do oils but I was looking up pastels because I got a notice in the mail for pastel artists. I was looking to see what kind of work pastel artists do. I love yours, it's similar to my style and I love blue. The ballet dresses are really nice. I love the spiritual drawings. I've played with pastels, sketched out color shapes with them. I have done one simple drawing which is not shown on my site yet. Love your work and I hope to see more.


  MI Staff ( homepage )

12/10/2007 * 12:05:00

Hi Pepper! Welcome to ArtId. Your work is lovely. I am partial to the ballet dresses a great subject for pastel.
Be patient, ArtId as such is only 2 months old. We are advertising heavily and beginning to target interior decorators, designers and consultants. Our traffic has tripled since launching the new format, so we are on the right track.Please let us know how you are doing and any thought s and suggestions you may have.
My Best

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