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Artist Workshops in Italy

by pepperpepper , May 1, 2009—12:03 PM

Topics: Italy, Travel, art, artists, classes, europe, workshop

Greetings to everyone. I am an artist in the US and I am moving to Tuscany. I bought a Bed and Breakfast and will be moving in early fall. I want to host art and photography workshops and retreats. (I will have a price list and schedule soon). I am compiling a list of artists/photographers who might be interested in 1) attending the workshops and 2) experienced artists/photographers in teaching the workshops. If you have an interest in either of the above, please send me an email to add you to our 'Keep Me Posted' email list. Thank you. Pepper




  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

05/05/2009 * 15:17:31

Congratulations on following your passions! Can we all go too? We can learn Italian between now and then.

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