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Pepper Pepper About

Celebrated for his romantic botanicals and brooding landscapes, Pepper Pepper's images echo pure beauty. His images of people, places, and things are far from ordinary. Sometimes provocative, sometimes emotional, but always overflowing with drama, Pepper's work is shaped by his understanding of nature and human sensibilities. Some images are ethereal and others are grounded in reality, but all decipher the human condition. From his exquisite black and white photography to the ballet of colors in his abstracts, his images are identifiable yet completely imaginary. His style has matured into a synthesis of photorealism and impressionism. Images of a glowing fire inside a Romanesque church or the withered foliage of an aging prize rose are re-imagined through the kaleidoscopic layers in his work. Stone and water, petal and silk invite the viewer to explore the relationship between light and shadow, space and composition. Pepper Pepper's images are open doors that invite the viewer to pass through; a colorful and exciting journey always awaits. --- J.A.W. / Artist Review Add Comment


Pepper Pepper was born in Miami, Florida. Because of health issues during his mother's pregnancy, he was born blind. After numerous surgeries during childhood, his vision is nearly 20/20 (with contacts).

As a teenager, Pepper studied art at Milan School of Art and at several art workshops and lectures. In college he furthered his art and photography studies and started developing his unique style. His artistic resume includes oils, acrylics, photography, and mixed-media artwork. His experiences include graphic artist, photographer, public relations, and marketing consultant.

Throughout his career, Pepper has won many awards for his art and has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions. He was selected in 2008 as one of the Emerging Artist to look for by Art Business News magazine. His art can be found in international private and corporate collections. Aside from his art, Pepper is most proud of having won a humanitarian award and his contributions to organizations helping the blind.


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