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Pedro Pacheco About

My painting is born of anger, anguish, solitude, and in the search for ways to produce the loss of integrity, of globalization, the lack of security, complexity and the mutation of the values in the world today, so confusing, fragmented, and indecipherable. I explore in the neo-baroque sense of our time. It is my tool for survival, reflecting perhaps, the passage of time when life hurts to walk the years. It's like trying to paint a poem on each painting, about the things that happen. But..... in spite of everything, always encourages me in the hope of finding the light in each step. The only thing that is important to me is to continue working, my way___..because my distance starts where I arrive. Everything else is pure vanity. Add Comment


Pedro Pacheco's artistic career encompasses over forty four years of creativity with paintings and photographs exhibited around the world. He was born and educated in Spain, and studied at the Fine Art University of Barcelona (Spain). His exhibitions have included the following cities around the world from 1970 to present: London, Antwerp, Glasgow, Venice, Barcelona, Madrid, Tel-Aviv, Seoul, Jerusalem and New York. These exhibitions number 22 solo and 49 select group exhibitions. He has received 16 awards in his career starting with the Silver Medal SENAL 70, where he exhibited with Miro, and he received in 1970 The Card of Gold to the Best Foreign Artist in Treviso, (Venice) Italy. In 1973 The BBC in London filmed a report on his life and artwork. In 1995 he was invited by the Municipality of Jerusalem__™s as a guest to work in a studio in the International Cultural Residence Mishkenot Sha'ananim. In Israel he created an art installation located in The Caves of Qumran by burying one of his large paintings there.

His most recent awards are: First Prize, 70th Annual Open Exhibition National Art League, Douglaston, NY, Second Prize from the Catholic Archdiocese of NY for the 2nd Annual Open Exhibition and a special award to his career in 2001 from THE POLLOCK KRASNER FOUNDATION OF NEW YORK. His painting ___When the Morning was Broken___, about September 11th, is in permanent exhibition in THE PATRIOT MEMORIAL HALL in Washington DC. As an artist-photographer he worked for the previous New York Senator, Mrs. Hillary R. Clinton. In 2006 he received recognition for the quality of his photographs by The Professional Photographer's Society of Testate of New York. 2009: Exhibition in Seoul(Korea) A&C Contemporary Art Fair, Artist of the month in NAL ,Douglaston, New York, Solo Exhibition, NY.

2010 Glasgow Museum Exhibition 3 artworks (early paintings, 1970__™s), also included in their Catalogue.

His other positions involving art include: gallery director, curator, judge and art critic. He is presently a member of the N.A.L. in Douglaston, NY Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts in Queens NY, affiliated with The Smithsonian Institute, where he worked as an exhibition curator in 2008. His artwork is located in Museums in Glasgow, Venice, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Barcelona, also in private collection throughout the world, and in The Collection of The Queen of Spain. He presently lives and works in New York City.


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