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Peter Dranitsin

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Acrylic paintings and techniques have the advantage over other media in that they are long-lasting, yet less costly than oil paintings. Oil and pastels for paintings have drawbacks, pastels being more ephemeral and possibly giving rise to breathing issues due to their chalk residue, and oils for the length of time needed to dry being quite lengthy, perhaps up to months__™ worth of drying time, as well as the turpentine fumes being bothersome to many. Acrylic paintings are synthetic paint made from pigments blended with synthetic materials. They are water-soluble and can be used on a large range of surfaces; they can be mixed as can oil paints and they clean up easily. In an indoor studio, their smell is less overwhelming than is an oil-based paint… Continue reading… 4 comments

Please visit me on my website at I am a self taught and self representing artist. I grew up in the family where my mother a professional artist and my father a professional photographer. As a kid growing up I did take some art classes and learned the basic concepts of drawing, painting and sculpture. After finishing high school I have served in the active military duty with United States Marine Corps as an infantry man. I did one tour in Iraq: fought in combat. During my military career I have thought of many things I could do when I come home. I have found out that creating art was the best thing that could ever happen to me. I love to paint and contribute all of my time creating new paintings. I prefer to paint with new acrylic paint… Continue reading… 1 comment