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The Milwaukee Art Museum (Packers) and the Carnegie Museum of Art (Steelers) go head-to-head or frame-to-frame this Super Bowl Sunday as they wager (temporary loan) one of their prize impressionist possessions " Milwaulkee™s Caillebotte, Boating on the Yerres v. Carnegie__™s Renoir, Bathers with Crab.

The new tradition, started by last year__™s Indianapolis ___Colts___ Museum of Art and the NewOrleans ___Saints___ Museum of Art, finished with E. John Bullard leaving with Joseph Turner__™s ___The Fifth Plague of Egypt___ under his arm. The win marked 37 years for Bullard, Museum Director of NOMA, as he retired that year to be succeeded by first round draft pick, Susan Taylor from Princeton University (no relation to NFL Hall of famer Lawrence Taylor).

Where__™s my money? Renoir, who definitely has a better ground game, comes from a working class family (Steeler Country) and started his trade in a porcelain factory before going to art school. Ultimately becoming friends, Caillebotte hails from upper-class Parisian and is a bit more flashy and a Realist. How will all this translate in Texas? Someone is definitely getting wet and I believe the term is ___ender.___ The interviews continue___

Meg Dwyer, Chicago, IL When did you first discover your creative talents? I have been creating for as long as I can remember. Not unlike many little girls, my first love as a child was horses; I was fascinated with their beauty and, beginning around the age of four, spent hours upon hours attempting to capture their form and movement on paper in pencil, paint and marker. This was how I first discovered that I loved to draw, and I haven__™t ever stopped. From that early age, art became a very important part of my identity __" it was both a means to connect with other people as well as to set myself apart. It became the means by which I communicate what I find beautiful and significant.

For an artist, selling their first piece of work is a memorable moment. Tell us about your first piece or a special piece that was sold. What stands out to me even more than the sale is the very moment I was first asked, ___How much?___ The question came at a show which was one of my first opportunities to display my work publicly, and I hadn__™t yet even considered selling. I enjoy watching and listening to other people as they view my work, and I was contentedly focused on doing so when the ___How much?___ question snapped me to a shocked (and flattered) attention. I knew that my art held a great deal of meaning for me personally, but I was unprepared for the idea that it might be meaningful enough to someone else that they would want to keep it in their space. This concept added a new layer of purpose and wonder to creating art. That moment will stay with me forever.

Who are your favorite artists? I am fascinated by Chuck Close, Paul Gauguin, Rene Magritte, Grant Wood, Edward Hopper, Georgia O__™Keefe, and Peter Blume.

Artist: Meg Dwyer Title: Peppers Medium: Oil on gessoed panel, 18__24 inches Website:

Shelley Laffal, Silver Spring, MD

When did you first discover your creative talents? My ___ah ha !!___ Art moment came to me in Kindergarden. The assignment was to color in the line a picture of the Thanksgiving turkey. We were given crayons and paper and as I started to to color the turkey I found myself blending layers upon layered of browns, oranges ,yellows, reds and blacks, I got so focused on the coloring that long after all the other students had finished I was still furiously coloring away, layer upon layer. Until the teacher informed me the class was over. I realized that I had this need to make the turkey as real as it would taste.

For an artist, selling their first piece of work is a memorable moment. Tell us about your first piece or a special piece that was sold. The first painting I sold was a mural , for restaurant. The owner had me commission several murals for his chain of restaurants.

Who are your favorite artists? The artists that have most moved and influenced my work: Frida Kahlo, Paula Rego, Botero, Alice Neel.

Artist: Shelley Laffal Title: Goin bananas Medium: Oil on canvas, 56__45 inches Website:

Hesther van Doornum, Vlijmen, The Netherlands

When did you first discover your creative talents? I discovered my creative talents at primary school. I discovered __" actually my drawing teacher did __" that I could draw anything I saw. She stimulated and motivated me in a great way.

For an artist, selling their first piece of work is a memorable moment. Tell us about your first piece or a special piece that was sold. The first piece of work I sold was at college, to a teacher. That is when I noticed people were happy to pay for my paintings. This gave me confidence and made it easier for me to approach galleries after graduating. The first few years after graduation I had difficulties parting from my paintings. It was not until I started to make more paintings (my own stock was growing) that I could ___leave__™ (sell) them.

Who are your favorite artists? I enjoy the work of many painters and sculptors. I love to look at their work to find there unique fingerprint. To discover how the works are made, their struggles and their own uniquelyfound solutions. I think the paintings of Francis Bacon are very interesting because of their compositions. He kept experimenting until he found the right proportion between shapes, colors and depth. Also the voids are just as important as de forms and figures themselves. I also find the drawings of Camille Claudel very touching.

Artist: Hesther van Doornum Title: Oversee Medium: Acrylic on canvas, 100__120 cm Website:

Kesha Bruce, US and France

When did you first discover your creative talents? Well to be honest I was a late bloomer. I didn__™t really get serious about art until I was a teenager. I was never particularly interested in drawing or painting, but I took a jewelry-making class and fell in love with the physicality of it. I think some of that translates into the way I paint.

For an artist, selling their first piece of work is a memorable moment. Tell us about your first piece or a special piece that was sold. When I was first starting out my art career I sold a few small paintings here and there to friends and family of course. But I made my first big sale when I was in grad school at Hunter College in New York City. During an open studio a guy kinda wandered in, looked at a piece and within a few minutes asked me for a price. I quoted his a price based off what I needed to pay my rent that month. He didn__™t blink an eye. He bought the piece and then took me out to lunch at a fantastically chic restaurant to celebrate. To say the least, I was thrilled.

Who are your favorite artists? I__™m not much for hero worship. Most of the artists that inspire me are contemporary artists that I have met and admire. Artists I__™m watching right now: Stacia Yeapanis, Jane Zweibel, Charlie Grosso

Artist: Kesha Bruce Title: THAT THEY MIGHT BE LOVELY Medium: Archival Pigment Print, 20__27 inches Website: Blog:

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