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Is it boredom? Do I have ADHD…or something else? by Paul Shampine

by paulshampine , September 8, 2010—01:02 AM

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Often when I perform a task, I find myself adding a twist. Even with the ridged parameters of an excel spreadsheet, I__™ve found art in numbers with cost analysis and business plans. As a bored teenager, I would create abstract-impressionistic patterns when mowing the lawn, and it doesn__™t and won__™t stop there. In search of answers, I turn to my genetic line.

My Father was a very creative and innovative engineer who designed intricate conveyor systems that robotically handled the most delicate items to large bulky raw materials that required micro-modifications and delivered from point A to Z with precision and efficiency. My open-minded, care-free, adventurous Mother brings just that to her paintings. She__™s a great experimental watercolorist that tests tradition and strives to learn and develop her own voice. Her drive to learn and evolve comes from her Father , a beautiful and simple, but extraordinary complex man with a great soul. In retrospect, I believe he never found his true calling, but he lead a very happy and satisfied life.

I fall squarely in the middle with a slight slant on my Father__™s side. I view business challenges with a different perspective and hopefully bring that same innovative and fresh ideology to my sculpture. My career choices have been diverse and I__™ve lead a very adventurous life. I think I__™ve passed those heritable traits, along with a few others to my daughters.

So, for now, let__™s go with what I__™ve heard before___.___you__™re something else.___

As I prepare for my upcoming show, I__™m getting away from metal for awhile, but sticking close to nature. As nature struggles to repair itself from our invasive actions, I__™ve discovered gravity again as I wrangle an invasive plant (wild grape vines) on the property here in Newtown, CT to construct a series of spheres representing...

By, Paul Shampine




  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

09/08/2010 * 08:43:37

normally when people call me, "something else" I get offended. I would rather be bored than to have ever come to that conclusion. As for ADHD, you never would have gotten to where you are today.

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