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Cause Partner - Paul Shampine and

by paulshampine , September 3, 2010—12:00 AM

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By, Paul Shampine:

I recently had the pleasure of meeting gardening goddess, author and speaker extraordinaire Sydney Eddison - a golden-souled raconteur that has the presence of the Dalai Lama and the drive of her Jack Russell terrier Chloe.

As visitors and garden helpers milled about, I enjoyed a quiet moment at her kitchen table as she proudly displayed 30+year-old images against the current backdrop. The conversation quickly turned topics from the garden__™s evolution, to her late husband Martin and careers. Discussing my current three-legged career state, Sydney confided in me that she confessed some concerns of her own regarding the late timing of her book writing career to her partner. His reply to her was "now is when you have something to write," implying that she has more to say now than she did before. Somehow I think Sydney would have made as a significant contribution back then as she does today___she__™s a terrier (Sydney's new book -

I walked away that day with a reinforced value of my diverse career path and the validation of another friend, who was a business partner of mine and a terrific writer, with an equally diverse background. His name is Paul Tukey, and he is the founder of, my current Cause Partner.

From journalist, to landscaper, as a publisher, an author, TV show host, and documentary producer, Paul Tukey has landed on America__™s lawns with, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting organic lawn care and ground maintenance programs as an alternative to dangerous chemical treatments that are still frequently used.

A percentage of proceeds from my upcoming solo sculpture show, October 17, Embyonic Armour ( will be contributed the Read more: Republished from:



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