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Paul Shampine Art Blog

Paul Shampine...getting lost...

by paulshampine , August 18, 2010—12:00 AM

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Re-published from Blog:

Every time I travel, I__™m reminded of how vast this world is. When I take a wrong turn (which is often) and find myself far from where I__™m destined to be, I see a part of someone else__™s small world, just as unique as mine. I like getting lost.

It__™s a very intimate question ___What inspires your work?___ You__™ll read some intimate answers from a diverse group of visual artists. Here are a few of many intimate worlds.

"I capture shifting perceptions" - Kathryn Arnold Kathryn Arnold, San Francisco, CA: ___It, my inspiration for creating, began at a young age. Sitting on the front porch of my childhood home in freezing cold, I noticed the deepness and richness of the color of the winter sky and felt alive. I practiced ___mental photography__™ as a way to keep the image fresh in my mind so as not to forget. This grew into wishing to capture and remember an entire moment, the people, the colors, the vivid sensations of the world around me. This still inspires me. In my work, I capture shifting perceptions as they change and interact moment by moment mixing with my imagination. Within this, ideas and/or images intermingle.___

Artist: Kathryn Arnold, San Francisco, CA Title: Fish and Dragon Medium: Oil on stretched canvas, 7′ x 7′ Website:

Aliey Ball, artist and founder of a fresh water initiative in Melbourne, Australia: ___My work explores the human/nature relationship. I__™m a firm believer that humans are ___natural___, including our technologies and built environments __" though it seems we have forgotten this. I am passionate about freshwater systems, geology, palaeontology, deep ecology and living systems. Notions of ___place___ and the phenomenology of space are of great interest to me.

Finalist in this year's Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition, Yarra Glen, Australia My latest work ___Cabal___ is a meditation on symbiotic alliances, tran-species affiliations and co-evolution. Composed of four elements, each with orifice and phallus, facilitating interconnectedness toward an emergent structure __" a Cabal.___

Artist: Aliey Ball, Melbourne, Australia Title: Cabal Medium: Modified gypsum, glass fibres and paint, 900 × 800 × 580 mm Website:

Artist and writer, Christine Walker, Sonoma County, CA:

___The garden outside my studio walls inspires mypaintings. From it I pluck a reference palette__"petals, leaves, pods, grasses. In the studio, I follow forms and colors until the painting or something__"music, memory, currents of feelings and thoughts__"suggests the next move. I make marks with brush and hands, sticks and garden tools, investigating nature__™s vocabulary, while seeking resonance with an inner landscape.___

Artist: Christine Walker, Sonoma, CA Title: Come to Me Medium: Oil on canvas, 52″x44″ Website:

Diana Chelaru, Torino, Italy

"unfold expressively those feelings within myself" - Chelaru ___What inspires my work___ is my life and everything that surrounds me. I know sounds like a cliche but thats what it is. For me, art is a means of communications. It is how I express my thoughts, hopes, regrets and joys. Paintings are for me another way of expressing my feelings. Although I often gain great pleasure from the process of painting, it is most important to unfold expressively those feelings within myself. My work uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which exists independently of visual references to the world. In my work I always emphasize on the color as a significant and unifying element. The color helps me create a world that__™s at once eerie and alluring, a world that exists only in ones imagination. My art doesn__™t speak to the intellect but to the soul and to the feelings.___

Artist: Diana Chelaru Title: Getting Together, 28___x23″ Website:

Miya Ando, Brooklyn, NY

___i think a lot about intention with regard to the works- i am inspired by introspection, quietude, solitude, finding harmony and balance as we find in nature___

Artist: Miya Ando, Brooklyn, NY Title: luminous transcendent [meditation 33.1] Medium: steel, patina, phosphoresence, automotive lacquer, 36___x36″ Website:

~ by Paul Shampine on July 26, 2010.

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