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paul fletcher Art Blog

snow trees

by paulfletcher , January 7, 2009—09:50 AM

Topics: landscapes

this is a computer painting that i did of sycamore trees in the metro park where my wife and i take walks.

i,m fighting with the dilemma of producing art with my computer and offering giclee prints after reading a blog from CAROL SAMSEL - whose work i greatly admire. it is a feeling i have had ever since i started working on a computer and also trying to make art my full time job to pay bills. (i hate the comment that it sounds like i do art just to pay bills)

with that said i will continue to paint with my computer and do traditional oils, acrylics and watercolors in hopes of being able to survive as a full time artist.

i have just begun my journey as a full time traditional artist and hope the road ahead takes me in a direction that will enable me to share how i view life as a artist.

please let me know how you view this subject. thanks paul




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

01/07/2009 * 19:07:02

This is beautiful work. As for doing art "just to pay bills"--no one does that if the main goal is maximum income. That said, just because one does something for love should not preclude doing it for money. It is a blessing to be able to do work for which one has a passion, and I wish you well on your journey on the path of full-time artist.


  paul fletcher ( homepage )

01/07/2009 * 15:32:58


thanks for the kind response and advice.
i viewed your site and your work is impressive.
your eye for mood and composition is fantastic.
i hope you have great success in the new year.


  Kathleen McBryar ( homepage )

01/07/2009 * 11:59:28

I am new to art id and brand new to bloging so bear with me. I think your work is outstanding! I can feel the snow coming down in "snow trees". You acheived the sense of movement unbelievably well. I also enjoyed seeing your work on your website. I definitely think you have the talent to succeed as a full time artist! I am a digital photographer embarking on the same journey. As far as using digital process as an additional medium I say keep doing it!! There does seem to be a bias in the art world against digital work.I see it in the field of photography too. It is somehow viewed as "less than" traditional processes. Just because the color comes from the computer instead of a tube doesn't mean it takes less talent/skill applying it! With time and more exposure I think the art work will come to give digital processes the respect it deserves.

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