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paul fletcher Art Blog

fox -creating computer art

by paulfletcher , January 2, 2009—08:07 AM

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happy new year

after seeing a couple of fox in my back yard, i thought i should do a painting.

this is a new medium for me and i'm looking for feedback. i start with a pencil sketch that i photograph and down load into my computer where i work on the art in photo shop.

i like this medium because i don't have to smell my oils in the winter with the house locked up. i am lucky because i have my own giclee printer so i can offer prints ( right off my computer,but i don,t have a physical painting. being an old schooled painter- illustrator i almost feel like i,m cheating. i showed this art to a gallery and they where intrigued but they didn,t know how to act because it was a medium that they weren,t familiar with. i,m the artist who always swore he would never do computer art. i should know better than to say never. i will be posting some other paintings (computer art) over the next couple of days. i hope you have some remarks on this medium and my art.

thanks for looking paul



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