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Artist Statement: In my work I try to represent the realty, and beauty about an object I am recreating. The subject that I recreate on paper, or canvas are taken from places in my mind, and some of the work that I have created has also been from direct observation. I would consider myself a ___life study realist___, as I continue to explore the endless improvement of visual perception through drawing, and painting. Experimentation with my thoughts on creating art from a landscape or a person by studying it, frequently challenges new avenues of developing techniques that will allow new processes to develop in my work. I am inspired to try to duplicate the subject matter but not take away the viewers imagination with my interpretation of an image that I am recreating . I strive to be as objective as possible about the subject matter. I am inviting the viewer to respond to the painting in a way that may visually impact new ideals but at the same time preserve familiarity. Add Comment


My Bio


Patricia Seitz a raw natural talent without any formal training started showing her

exceptional artistic abilities at a very early age. Her use of bold warm colors contrasted

with cooler tones sets her artwork apart. Patricia spent her early years in California with her

mother a landscape painter, and her grandparents whom collected art. At sixteen, Patricia had

suffered a serious illness which had left her without the vision of her left eye. Although , it was one

of the most difficult decisions to make, Patricia did not per sue her love of art as a career but earned

a degree in a health care profession. Patricia__™s love for art never went very far donating her time,

and skills to numerous school functions and selling her pieces to private collections. She has exhibited

her work, and many of her pieces have been featured in online galleries.


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