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Patricia Ariel About

I see Art as something sacred, intrinsically bonded to the spiritual. The artist is a worker for the Universe, an instrument to unveil what is occult from the ordinary eye, to bring out the freedom of understanding. I use mostly watercolors and pencils and the combination figurative/abstract art to explore metaphysical concepts and the human mind and soul in an archetypal, symbolical form. My work deals with themes like life and its cycles, the unconscious, the sacred feminine, transformation and spiritual evolution and the connections of man with Nature and the Universe. 2 comments


I was born in a working class area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I have lived for over 30 years until moving to the United States. I've been drawing since early childhood, and since my teenage years I__™ve explored a large range of artistical modalities: dance, drama, music, design and literature. I worked for several years as a web and graphic designer, as both freelance and employee in communication companies, and also teaching drama and body expression as a parallel activity. In 2007 I got a degree in Fashion Design, and years later I graduated in Art Education with a specialization in Art History from the Rio de Janeiro State University, starting off my career as an Art Educator in regular schools and art courses. But, even though I had never stopped drawing, It was just after leaving Brazil that I began to think more seriously in a career on the fine arts. I began to paint using mostly watercolors and currently I've been consistently building a body of work based on my passion for the figurative art combined with ornamental abstracts.


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