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PAOLO B. Bianchi About

SURREALISM . People and sea . Technique - ink on hand-made parchmnet ,acrylic on canvas and oil on canvas. 2 comments


PAOLO B. Bianchi - Biography

For an artist to tell a story through his paintings is unique, but it is mastermind to create the passion and involvement that

PAOLO Bianchi evokes with each stroke of color on canvas.

This gifted surrealist brilliantly synthesizes disparate worlds, which coexist side by side, as he takes us on a journey through thoughts and emotions.

Gente Di Mare (People from the Seaside) suite captures the fervor and windswept stories of a land and people, set against the exquisite backdrop of the Adriatic Sea, nestled between Italy and Croatia. Through the landscapes that frame his paintings, it is clear that PAOLO grew up with water at his step and is a significant inspiration for him.

On a primary level, his paintings tell the reality of a fisherman__™s life, both beautiful and harsh. With colors and landscapes so perfectly depicted one actually feels enveloped by the Mediterranean and it__™s people. Even if you have never been, he helps you to know and feel the beauty of this land and people as your own.

However, the real beauty in these paintings transcends the literal representation. The colors, landscapes and figures in Gente Di Mare collection is a metaphor which celebrates family and feelings rooted deep in heart and soul - and their ultimate importance to existence and life. The depth and layers of color transfer a sense of intensity and passion, while the images move between stages of struggle to strength.

PAOLO__™s paintings are arresting and direct as they guide you to a special place that becomes a haven of thought, feelings and personal meaning and connection for those that choose to take his journey.

PAOLO draws upon deep personal experiences and passions throughout his life __" which has taken him from the Adriatic seaside, to Switzerland to America over the years. His main inspiration and commitment is his daughters __" which moved him to reconnect with his painting again.


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