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Peggy Clark Art Blog

Calla lily one

by paintingsbypc , September 7, 2010—12:00 AM

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Calla lily one is the first of a series of three paintings. They are pale lavender on a dark background. I watch this one grow from a bud to full bloom in my yard. Calla lily two is open a little more, and calla lily three is fully open. I'm not very good at doing blogs, I was not for sure what a blog was at first. I think it is to let you know a little bit about my paintings and how they come about. As you can see from my descriptions most of my work comes from pictures that my family or friends have given me or from my yard for refernce. After retriment you think, boy now we can travel see places that you never had time for when you are working. Well sometimes it doesn't work that way, I retired and my husband became very very ill, he is doing better now not great but better so we plan to get out a little bit more now. Anyway that is how I come about getting my inspiration. I love to paint, I wish I had started a long time ago.



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