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by painte , October 27, 2009—12:00 AM

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My backyard in fallThis is my neighbors backyard. I have been painting it for 25 years, as long as I have lived in my house. The house was the original farmhouse dating back to 1865 on about 65 acres of land. The builder renovated it for his growing family and moved in as he was developing the surrounding properties. When they moved in, the wife was pregnant with their 5th child. She delivered twins. She told me the row of trees were significant because there were a row of 4 trees, the 5th was a double. Her family grew to include 9 children, seven girls, two boys. When I moved in, all the girls were my contemporaries. It was lovely living next to such a lively family. We celebrated holidays,weddings, births. I began to paint over there casually, just wandering over and setting up my easel. I never had to ask permisssion, our backyards meshed into one another. After I finished three years with the Ardrossan project, it was relaxing just to go right outside my door and paint. The family was amused that I found all the nooks and crannies so interesting. I did and still do. In 1999 the house was sold. It made me feel very old and sad that a era was coming to an end. The house was sold to an amazing family who I love. They have 3 small children, it was so refreshing to hear young children in the yard. The current owners renovated the house extensively , but kept the absolute integrity of the 1865 farmhouse. I have painted the house over and over in all seasons in all lights , in all different times of day. If you look through my galleries, the house appears again and again. I still find new things to paint. It keeps me alive and excited, and some times I just meander over knowing I will always be inspired.



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