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by painte , August 28, 2009—12:00 AM

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I will have 3 paintings at Artist's House Gallery in a show called the Art of The Still Life. Artist's House is located at 57 N. 2nd St. in Olde City Philadelphia. Join the celebration at First Friday, Sept. 4th 5-8:30. The formal opening will be held Sunday Sept 6th, 12-5 pm. Lorraine Riesenbach, the owner, asked several gallery artists to create still life paintings for this show many months ago. I love still life painting, as you can study it forever. Ususally I spend much time arranging only to find something I had set aside more interesting. I try to keep the designs simple, and keep in mind color and movement of light. I love to paint seasonal fruits and vegetables, and attracted to patterns and textures.




  Elizabeth macchio ( homepage )

03/17/2010 * 16:38:27

Beautiful stillife. I love it too!! for all the reasons you said.

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