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dori spector Art Blog

summer rain

by painte , August 24, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Summer Rain, plein air

Painting Plein Air is the only way for me. Working directly from life, can be sooo pleasurable, but it also can be painful. Painting summer rain was a painful experience. It was a huge storm, another rainy Sunday, we have had many this summer.I went out when the rain was at its worst because I wanted to experience the driving rain on the street and the reflections of the headlights on the street. That was all I wanted to capture. I was under cover but because of the intensity of the wind and the rain, everything was soaked, my rag, my canvas and me. I had an umbrella clamped to my easel, an old French, but it kept falling and ultimately ripped apart the easel. I endured. It was lightning and the umbrella point was sticking out just enough to be a lightening rod, brilliant! I did manage to get done what I set out to, threw the stuff in the car and went home to a dry studio. I went out to finish the painting on 4 more dry gray days.



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