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Paige Satchwell Beside Myself

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Beside Myself
24" x 24"
Painting / Oil
$175.00 Purchase

Beside Myself

Beside Myself is risky, subversive, complicated, iffy, suggestive and spontaneous. It is one of those paintings that you either like it or you don’t. In creating my paintings I give myself room to respond authentically to the canvas. Art happens between me and the canvas. Painting is like beginning a story before I know the ending. Sometimes, I may never get to the ending or once I have reached the ending I discover that I haven’t said anything at all. The only element in painting that I have control over is the size of the canvas, and the colors. When I stand in front of a canvas, regardless of its size I only think of one thing… paint, paint, paint, paint. Beside Myself is pure undisciplined imagination and undisciplined execution. For example, the focal point is to the left of the center of painting. The shapes in the middle of the painting are a darker color to make the white more intense. I not only used the drip painting technique, I also used a technique called controlled pour. After the white layers dried, I poured the gray paint over some of the layers that were in the middle of the painting. I also added little splashes of red to give the painting a little hint of color. Beside Myself was painted on a 24in x 24in triple primed gallery quality stretched canvas. It is ready to hang. This painting is truly riveting to look upon in person. Selling Prices: $175.00