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Pavel Pashkin About

My works as illustrations to impressions were always represented to me. An illustration to life events are photos and works in style of realism. But each real, observable event is accompanied by internal invisible individual experience which in the turn generates invaluable human experience. What artistic image of this internal experience? Whether he differs from experience from film viewing about love and with real experience of love feeling? And that image what I reflect in the pictures __" whether he will be close to set of people or remains only mine? Therefore, in the works I make a start from real points of impressions __" they are present at a picture, at the same time sense of my creativity __" an illustration to internal explosion of impressions. Whether they are similar to yours? My creativity was affected by such great artists as Vasily Kandinsky, Hans Hofmann, Vilem De Kuning, making a start from their creativity and searching for something new I think out ideas of the works. The idea is embodied through color, the form, a structure, subjects, or absence of a subject. By the nature of the work (I'm graphic designer) I use the same vision. After all when you create a logo, you form a graphic image of that emotion which the potential client should receive from a brand. The information, how many set of impressions and experiences isn't so much needs accuracy of a graphic image. Also it is a theme of my researches in art. Add Comment



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