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Gary Peterson Art Blog

Florence Cathedral

by p3t3rson , May 28, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Gothic architecture, maze art puzzles, medieval architecture

I had just finished reading that medieval epic Dante's Inferno when these words took hold of my mind: ___Ch__ la diritta via era smarrita___ - I had lost the path that does not stray. Like an acid flashback those words turned into an obsession. It wasn__™t the deeper meaning, but some hidden meaning that vexed me.

So I left for Italy with my brilliant colleague and travel guide Elise - a Scottish lass whose legwork can compliment a plaid miniskirt like nobody__™s business - to locate the source of my mental melodrama. We ended up in Florence.

___Why do we call it Florence when the natives call it Firenza?___ I wondered aloud as we made our way down the narrowing streets towards the ancient part of town.

___It__™s like DaVinci__™s ___La Gioconda,__™ or as it is known in English, the ___Mona Lisa.__™ It must be some sort of code!___ she said sarcastically alluding to a best-selling novel of contrivances.

As we walked, I saw women on scooters clutching purses between their knees and men clad in black leather arguing about politics as if the heat wave that enveloped us was all in my mind. My nervous excitement turned to paranoia as I looked over my shoulder and saw a man with a hash pipe the size of a battleaxe...

---End of excerpt. Read the entire essay in The Intellectual Handyman On Art, a book by Gary R Peterson (iUniverse)




  Gary Peterson ( homepage )

05/30/2008 * 08:34:47


Your keen insight has again detected the mechanics of inductive reasoning: knowing where you want to be and then working backwards from that point. It's sort of like a self-fulfilled prophesy - or a blatant marketing ploy.

Meanwhile, another brief but rambling rumination is forthcoming. Thanks for your indulgence.


P.S. My "travel guide" is my wife, also my biggest fan and toughest critic.


  Michael Mize ( homepage )

05/29/2008 * 17:07:19


Aside from thoroughly enjoying your writing, as I always do, I come away from this article with a few brief observations.

First, you were presented with a internal question, a problem, a riddle to solve. The answer to your query was only revealed after you successfully navagated through a range of obstacles and possiblities. One by one you presented your question to each object you encounterd until the appropriate answer was returned. How fascinating that you had to first solve the maze yourself, before you could record it for others.

Secondly, I think your friend is right. You're the only one who can see it. But there is purpose in that, its your job to share with others what we ourselves cannot see. This is your objective. Why else would these questions be placed on your heart and not relent until your answer is discovered?

Anixously awaiting your next labrynth,


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