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Titian Bacchanalia Revisited

by p3t3rson , May 21, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Bacchus art, Dionysus art, Titian art parody

In the days of antiquity, before subjective thought discerned objective reality, Bacchus (like Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry) personified the hedonistic traits of human kind. A couple millenia hence, the artist known as Titian helped define that aspect of the Golden Age as he saw it in the milieu of the Italian High Renaissance. And now I've given that masterpiece the Peterson treatment, reinterpreting it with some watercolor pencils, Q-tips and a sweat sock to compare with the similarly amorphous nature of my pen and ink drawings but with more tone and volume. I present it here (and in my gallery) for your cogitation.




  Gary Peterson ( homepage )

05/21/2008 * 14:46:32

Thanks Michael,
The gallery desription is the edited version (not censored, just abridged) and if the sock wasn't dirty when I started, it was certainly colorful when I was done with this piece.


  Michael Mize ( homepage )

05/21/2008 * 14:05:16

I think your Peterson-ification of this classic piece, as well as your description of it in your gallery, does a much better job of capturing the energy and atmosphere of this compositional dog pile of debauchery and degredation.

I also think Rauschenberg, may he rest in peace, would be flattered by your inclusion of a sweat sock into your artistic toolbox. I hope though, for the sake of appropriate symbolism in regards to this work, the sock was dirty.

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