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Gary Peterson Art Blog

Multiple Personalities

by p3t3rson , April 24, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: cartoon art gallery, intellectual humor, maze art puzzles

I've just added art aplenty to my on-line gallery. Call it a Gary Peterson retrospective: A collection of drawings, paintings, and visual curiosities that are my oeuvre (hey, I've been to France.)

You'll not only see more famous art interpretations on the works of Titian, Van Eyck, and Botticelli in the style of my Detroit Dozen (pen & ink line-art mazes based on masterworks at The Detroit Institute of Arts), but also a random selection of more traditional works that have been begging to see the light of day: Works in acrylics, watercolors, pastels, etc., all in styles as diverse as my interests. You'd think it was a group show.

Come see the amorphous cars, a giant sawblade, a precarious stack of cameras, the ad that Absolut vodka declined. Take quick jaunts to Italy, Mexico, and Laguna Beach. "The Old Schoolroom" is an ode to draftsmanship, and the Indian head classic?...well, I like to think I've done for that vintage TV test pattern what Andy Warhol did for the tomato soup can.

Stop by for art, literature, music, and wisdom. Gary Peterson Art - Where art and science are joined at the hip.



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